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Walk-In-Study-Enhancement through Review (WISER) Elective / Certificate in Academic Development

The Department of Languages and International Studies offers specialist study advice and guidance to ALL students at the University, from Year 1 to postgraduates. This service will benefit students who want to learn more effectively and get better marks for their assignments and exams.

It can also benefit you when you are working on your Personal Development Planning (PDP). Many of the skills developed through WISER sessions and in the electives could form part of your PDP portfolio.

So what is WISER? WISER is an acronym for the two ways in which you can make use of the service.

1. Tutorials: Walk-In Study Enhancement through Review
- drop in, one-to-one consultations; available to all students during term- time. The focus is on specific and individual needs

2. Workshops: Workshop Interactions for Study Enhancement and Review
- workshops on topics directly relevant to study skills; available to all students not already on a study skills programme; not credited; weekly per semester.

WISER Workshops are available on various topics including:
- Reading and Listening to lectures
- Note-taking and note-making strategies (e.g. mind-mapping)
- Oral presentations
- Essay and Report Writing.

Group Shot!

WISER Workshops are held in Fylde building rooms FY315 and FY317. The dates, times and topics are given below. You should note any of interest in your diary and turn up on the relevant day. Further information and a complete schedule can be found on

Study Skills Development - Electives/Certificate

You can take either of the following modules as an elective. They can also be taken as a seventh module, which is not part of your degree, but which will give you an additional award called the University Certificate for Academic Development. These modules develop learning skills in a holistic way. They are:

1. Study and Communication (AE1700) - for British students and international students proficient in English;

2. English and Skills for Study (EF2702) - for all international students.

WISER Tutorials

Venue: FY315, FY317

Times: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays: 12 to 1 pm; 4 to 5 pm;
Wednesdays and Fridays: 12 to 2 pm.

WISER Workshops 2005/6

Wednesday or Friday, 2 to 4 pm; FY315, FY317 2 hour sessions (except for workshop 4 in Semester One and workshop 12 in Semester Two)

Semester 1 schedule (2005):

1. Maximising learning - incl. Time Management, Learning styles, PDP, skills auditing - 5/10 or 7/10

2. Listening and note-taking strategies - incl. strategies for getting the most out of lectures, mind mapping techniques - 12/10 or 14/10

3. Reading and note-making strategies - incl. reading skills, paraphrasing and summary writing - 19/10 or 21/10

4. Writing academic essays (x2 sessions) - analysing the essay question, planning the essay, organising and structuring, writing introductions, conclusions and paragraphs - 26/10 or 28/10 and 2/11 or 4/11

5. Oral Presentation - format, organisation and structure, effective introductions and conclusions, delivery, visuals - 9/11 or 11/11

6. Effective Group Working - group dynamics, team work, time management, meeting skills, problem solving in groups - 16/11 or 18/11

7. Report Writing - format, language and style, analysing data, visuals - 23/11 or 25/11

8. Problem solving techniques/Case studies - 30/11 or 2/12

9. Reflective skills - incl. how to write reflections - 7/12 or 9/12

10. Exam and revision techniques - 14/12 or 16/12

Semester 2 Schedule (2006, see above for more details on the topic):

11. Oral presentation - 25/1 or 27/1

12. Academic essay writing (x2) - 1/2 or 3/2 and 8/2 or 10/2

13. Report writing - format, style, sections - 15/2 or 17/2

14. Conducting surveys - incl writing questionnaires and interview questions - 22/2 or 24/2

15. Writing a literature review - incl. style, in-text referencing, paraphrasing - 1/3 or 3/3

16. Writing up research data - incl format, headings, subheadings, numbering, visuals, appendices - 8/3 or 10/3

17. Writing up your dissertation - incl regulations, format, referencing, writing the bibliography, abstract, sections, style, language - 15/3 or 17/3

18. PDP - incl SWOT analysis, reflection and career - 22/3 or 24/3

19. Exam and revision techniques - 29/3 or 1/3

For more information on any aspect of study skills support, please contact:

Mun Ling Shields and Nick Gregson
Department of Languages and International Studies
Preston PR1 2HE
Tel: +44 (0) 1772 893154/893673

David Carrie (Departmental Administrator)
Department of Languages and International Studies
Preston PR1 2HE
Tel: +44 (0) 1772 893158

Course Team

Nick Gregson
Fylde Building, Room 319,
Tel 01772 893673

Mun Ling Shields
Fylde Building, Room 116,
Tel 01772 893154

Joan Philp
Fylde Building, Room 118,
Tel 01772 893152

Katherine Oversby
Fylde Building, Room 20,
Tel 01772 893151