Languages @ UCLan
English as a Foreign Language Elective Programme

The English (EFL) Elective and Certificate Programme helps about 400 students a year to improve their English.

Enrolling on an EFL Elective or Certificate will help you to improve your English skills so that you can derive the maximum benefit from the degree programme on which you are enrolled. In addition, it will help you to participate more actively in campus life and make the most of your time in England.

We offer 6 different levels of English, from IELTS 4 to 7, so that you will be able to join a class that is at the appropriate level for you. Classes are for two hours a week over the whole year. If you are an exchange student, and are in Preston for one semester only, you can attend the class for the semester in which you are here. Classes have about 20 students from a variety of countries.

In addition to your classes, we offer online support and weekly workshops that are aimed at solving particular language problems in areas such as pronunciation and grammar. Workshops will also help you to widen the range of your language: for instance they will help you to speak colloquial English.

The Department of Languages and International Studies has highly qualified, friendly EFL lecturers who will help you make effective use of all our facilities. Studying English on our programme will make a big difference to your time here.

Course Distinctiveness

The course is offered to ALL international students whatever they are studying at this university. If you need to do another module for your course you will do an EFL elective. If you are already studying 6 modules you will do a university certificate. Members of the public can also take the university’s certificate course in EFL.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

In the EFL classes students will take part in a range of activities. The emphasis is on active participation, so students will frequently work in pairs or groups. The classes increase students competence in grammar and vocabulary, and their understanding of appropriate use of English. Assessment is by coursework and portfolio. The portfolio gives students the opportunity to work independently at the areas of language which are most important for their needs. In doing the portfolio they will also develop useful skills of autonomy.

Entry Requirements

The Students should prove that they have a command of English of at least intermediate level.

A short assessment test prior to the course, will determine the student’s level of English.

Team/ Contacts

The team is comprised of dedicated experienced staff within the EFL division.

Austerfield Brian
Lecturer – EFL Coordinator / ext. 3157 / FY420

Philp Joan
Senior lecturer – Electives Coordinator / ext. 3152 / FY118

Aldred Chris
Principal Lecturer – Course Leader BA (Hons) EIB (China-SIFT) / ext. 3149 / FY22

Barwood Chris
Senior Lecturer – EFL / EIB / ext. 3143 / FY222

Bassett Kath
Senior Lecturer – Course Leader BA (Hons) EIB / ext. 3128 / FY308

Cleary Jane
Senior Lecturer – Subject Leader TESOL / ext. 3148 / FY24

Donnelly Isabel
Principal Lecturer – EFL Electives Co-ordinator/
Inter-department co-ordinator for EFL support / ext. 3670 / FY314

Garner Joanne
Lecturer – Cert TEFL Co-ordinator / ext. 3674 / FY321

Hewitt Jan
Principal Lecturer – EIB Leader / ext. 3137 / FY218

Leeming David
Lecturer – Course Leader Certs. of Achievement English / ext. 5065 / FY210

Roberts Alison
Senior Lecturer – Course Leader BA (Hons) EIB (China-GDUFS)

Shields Brian
Senior Lecturer – Course Leader MA TEIB / ext. 3119 / FY210

Shields Mun Ling
Senior Lecturer – Study Skills Co-ordinator / ext. 3154 / FY116

Vasey Christine
Senior Lecturer – BA (Hons) EIB Pathways Co-ordinator / ext. 3120 / FY308

Waller Daniel
ELT Lecturer – Course Leader Foundation Certificate English / ext. 3672 / FY314

Turner Andrea
Senior Lecturer – Course Leader BA (Hons) EIB Global / ext. 3847 / FY321

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