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Virgin trains 57307

Filed under: Places - 30 Nov 2011

Virgin trains 57307

57307 Summerseat Wednesday 2nd July 2008 2J68 1400 Rawtenstall-Heywood East Lancashire Railway Summer Diesel Extravaganza


“the grant arms hotel” 11 market place, ramsbottom

Filed under: Fields - 25 Nov 2011

The Grant Arms Hotel, situated in the centre of Ramsbottom, Lancashire, is steeped in history. Originally named "Top o’th Brow" it became "Grant Lodge" when the famous industrialist Grant Brothers adopted it as their family home. (William and Daniel Grant were noted in history as being the two characters that …

Img_7014 royal wedding alternative

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Img_7014 royal wedding alternative

A counter-attraction in Lancaster, Lancashire, UK, to the royal wedding in London, with a range of anti-cuts organisatons participating. The message being conveyed is that the lavish show in London distracts from UK public service cuts that could be alleviated by re-prioritisation of government financing. The event features street theatre …


Observation deck artwork

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Observation deck artwork

A view on what the observation tower will look like


To infinity and beyond……………..and back again

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To infinity and beyond.................and back again

Saw this elderly lady while we were walking around Aberystwyth, sat out in the sun looking out into the infinite blue of the sea and sky, it was a wonderful day and just seemed like it would make a great pticture Hope you like it, also have a colour version


Plaque on colne town hall

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Plaque on colne town hall

The Lancashire town of Colne is now part of the borough of Pendle and the Council Offices are in neighbouring Nelson.


5043 conquers copy pit

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5043 conquers copy pit

5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe pictured attacking Copy Pit en route to Blackburn.