Ramsbottom festival launch 896

Filed under: All - 28 Jul 2010

Ramsbottom festival launch  896

Photography: mikekellyphotography.co.uk


I still haven’t had the patience to read it…

Filed under: Places - 24 Jul 2010

I still haven't had the patience to read it...

…one of the ‘fencing boards’ surrounding the burnt out Yates Wine Lodge in the middle of Blackpool.


“the harrogate 2011 spring flower show” 48 b748gsc

Filed under: All - 18 Jul 2010

Due to circumstances beyond my control I have been unable to be involved in any way what so ever with this years Spring Flower Show. I did though manage to aquire this shot of hired ex Lothian Leyland Olympian 48 B748GSC from Lancashire United at Blackburn. She is seen here …


Before and after

Filed under: Fields - 17 Jul 2010

Before and after

1098 before and after. It was nice to see this particular model spruced up after, as it was getting on a bit. I liked the old 152 livery, but have to say this one is looking much better In real life, 1103 is the last in the left hand side …


Down the river hodder

Filed under: All - 16 Jul 2010

Down the river hodder

As you look down this view of the River Hodder you can see a glimpse in the distance of Lower Hodder Bridge and also to the left a fisherman stood in the water. The sight and sound of water always adds interest to a walk and I always have a …


Bluebell wood i

Filed under: Places - 13 Jul 2010

Bluebell wood i

Taken in the woods in Brockhole Nature Reserve nr. Preston, Lancashire. But did you know… In folk lore, some believed that by wearing a wreath made of the bluebells, the wearer would be compelled to speak only truth. Others believed that if you could turn one of the flowers inside …

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