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Silke Engelbart’s current research centres around the issues of anglicisms in the German language, known as Denglisch, with particular emphasis on the use of anglicisms in advertising. She recently gave a paper on Denglisch – High Noon for Heine or just a hype? at the Forum for Germanic Language Studies and Society for Germanic Linguists at King’s College, London. Her other publications include various book reviews in the Journal of European Area Studies as well as an article on Defining Context Within Vocabulary Acquisition in the journal Language Teaching Research.

Numerous Publications/ conference papers
“Denglish – High noon for Heine or just a hype?” Forum for Germanic Language Studies & Society for Germanic Linguistics, King’s College, London, January 2003
Journal of Area Studies Issue 13
Bookreview of "Admissions - the search for workable policies in Germany and the United" ed. Kay Heilbronner et al.- Autumn 98
Language Teaching Research, Vol.3 No. 1
"Defining context withing vocabulary aquisition", article by Silke Engelbart and Beate Theuerkauf - Jan 99
Journal of European Area Studies, Vol 7, No. 1,
Bookreview of 'Paths to inclusion - The Integration of Migrants in the United States and Germany" ed. Peter Shuck & Rainer Munz - 1999

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