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Dr Mark Orme pursues research interests in the fields of French Cinema, Twentieth-Century French Literature and Thought (with particular reference to Existentialism - Sartre, Camus, Simone de Beauvoir) and Cultural Identity. He is also interested in trends in language-learning and teaching. His recent publications include articles in Modern & Contemporary France, Australian Journal of French Studies and Essays in French Literature and reviews and review articles in French Studies, Modern Languages Review and the internet publication Lingua Romana. In collaboration with Lancaster University and The American University of Paris, he recently co-organized an international and interdisciplinary conference on Albert Camus in Paris and is currently preparing the publication of the proceedings. He is also completing a book on the theme of justice in the writings of Camus.
Numerous Publications
(a) Articles
'Retour aux sources: crisis and reappraisal in Albert Camus's final pronouncements on justice', Modern & Contemporary France, 11 (2003), 463-74
'Justice and the Quest for Origins: Sensitivity to Suffering as a Social Phenomenon in Albert Camus's écrits de jeunesse', Essays in French Literature, 38 (2001), 111-28
'Realising "la vraie justice": a Note on Albert Camus's Moral Transparency', French Studies Bulletin, 81 (2001), 9-11
'L'Homme révolté: vers une justification éthique de la justice', in Albert Camus, 19: 'L'Homme révolté': cinquante ans après. Textes réunis par Raymond Gay-Crosier (Paris, Livres Modernes Minard, 2001), pp. 91-122
'"[L]'enfance dont il n'avait jamais guéri"? The Perception of Injustice in the Formative Years of Albert Camus', Australian Journal of French Studies, 37 (2000), 72-90
'The Stranger who's come in from the cold', Modern & Contemporary France, 6 (1998), 538-40
'The Theme of Révolte in Albert Camus's Écrits de Jeunesse', French Studies Bulletin, 65 (1997), 5-7
'Up where he belongs: Camus à l'affiche in Paris', French Studies Bulletin, 54 (1995), 17-19
(b) Review Articles and Book Reviews
Jacqueline Baishanski, L'Orient dans la pensée du jeune Camus: 'L'Étranger', un nouvel évangile?, Modern Language Review, 99 (2004), 207-08

Yves Marc Ajchenbaum, ed., Albert Camus, Pascal Pia: Correspondance 1939-1947, Modern Language Review, 97 (2002), 200-01
Christiane Chaulet-Achour, Albert Camus, Alger: 'L`Etranger' et autres récits, Modern & Contemporary France, 10 (2002), 124-25
Azzedine Haddour, Colonial Myths: History and Narrative, Modern & Contemporary France, 10 (2002), 259-60
Jeannine Hayat, Jules Roy: Ombre et Présence d'Albert Camus, French Studies, 56 (2002), 122-23
Edward J. Hughes, Writing Marginality in Modern French Literature: from Loti to Genet, Lingua Romana, 1 (2002) (internet publication:
N. Kahéna, Témoignage de 1954 en Algérie à 2001 en France, Modern Contemporary France, 10 (2002), 543
James S. Williams, Camus, 'La Peste', Modern Language Review, 97 (2002), 723
Albert Camus. Europe, 77 (No. 846, October 1999), Modern Language Review, 96 (2001), 201
Christian Morzewski, ed., Le Premier Homme d'Albert Camus, Roman 20-50, (No. 27, June 1999), Modern & Contemporary France, 9 (2001), 252-3
Alan Vircondelet, Albert Camus: Vérité et légendes, Modern & Contemporary France, 9 (2001), 259
'Ray Davison, Camus: The Challenge of Dostoevsky', French Studies, 54 (2000), 111-12
'Edward J. Hughes, Albert Camus, 'Le Premier Homme' / 'La Peste', Modern Language Review, 92 (1997), 739
'Inside the Outsider: Olivier Todd, Albert Camus, une vie', London Magazine, 36 (1997), 118-20
'Jeanyves Guérin, Albert Camus: Portrait de l'artiste en citoyen, French Studies, 49 (1995), 360-61
'Albert Camus, Le Premier Homme', Modern & Contemporary France, 3 (1995), 330-31
Recent Papers
'Imprisoned Freedoms: Space and Identity in Luc Besson's Subway and Nikita', University of Central Lancashire, Preston, February 2002
'Un effort pour comprendre mon temps: Camus's L`Homme révolté as personal testimony', University of Ulster at Coleraine (Northern Ireland), September 2002
'Retour aux sources: Crisis and Reappraisal in Albert Camus's Final Pronouncements on Justice', University of Edinburgh, October 2002
'Camus et les defis de la democratie', The American University of Paris, September 2004

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