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Sylvie Toll’s interests lie mainly in the area of Critical Discourse Analysis. Her more recent work has focused on intercultural issues in teaching and learning. Between 1997 and 2000, she took part in the FDTL Interculture Project. She was invited by CILT to lead a workshop on an Interculture module which she developed, and gave a paper at the IALIC conference in the same year; the module is published on the internet. Having recently gained a certificate in TESOL, her research interests now include sociolinguistic and intercultural issues in the design of Teaching and Learning materials in ESOL as well as in French.

"Raising Intercultural Awareness in preparation for periods of residence abroad". Report for the FDTL "Interculture Project". August 1999.

"Acquiring Intercultural Competence within the context of the period of a residence abroad" Web publication (June 2000)

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